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Stournaras Christos

Professor of Biochemistry, Head of the Section
Ph.D. in Biochemistry, University of Freiburg, Germany

Research Directions


This group is focused on the study of the expression, physiology and cellular organization of cytoskeletal proteins, in cell differentiation and cell signalling.

We have established sensitive in vivo and in vitro cell technologies for the measurements of cellular actin pools, the analysis of microfilament structures and their dynamic equilibrium.

We prepared actin mutated cell clones with impaired microfilament structures, to analyse the physiological and biological significance of actin dynamics.

We were able to identify and characterize the role of actin cytoskeleton dynamics in receiving and mediating cellular signals.

We established the regulatory role of actin dynamics in membrane steroid receptors activation and the non-genomic steroid hormone signalling and action. .

We identified the modulated actin dynamic equilibrium during malignant cell transformation and we are analysing its potential role in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

We identified novel signaling pathways and their cross talk with actin cytoskeleton dynamics.

Research Directions


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