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Theodoropoulos Panayiotis

Associate Professor of Biochemistry, Group Leader
PhD in Biochemistry, University of Lille, France

Representative Publications

Georgatos, S.D. A. Pyrpasopoulou and P.A. Theodoropoulos (1997). Nuclear envelope breakdown in mammalian cells involves stepwise lamina disassembly and microtubule-driven deformation of the nuclear membrane. J. Cell Sci., 110: 2129-2140.

Theodoropoulos, P.A., H. Polioudaki, O. Kostaki, S.P. Derdas, V. Georgoulias, C. Dargemont and S.D. Georgatos (1999). Taxol affects nuclear lamina and pore complex organization and inhibits import of karyophilic proteins into the cell nucleus. Cancer Res., 59: 4625-4633.

Theodoropoulos, P.A., H. Polioudaki, M. Koulentaki, E. Kouroumalis and S.D. Georgatos (1999). PBC68: A nuclear pore complex protein that associates reversibly with the mitotic spindle. J. Cell Sci., 112: 3049-3059.

Kourmouli, N., P.A. Theodoropoulos, G. Dialynas, A. Bakou, A.S. Politou, I.G. Cowel, P.B. Singh and S.D. Georgatos (2000). Dynamic associations of heterochromatin protein 1 with the nuclear envelope. EMBO J., 19: 6558-6568.

Kourmouli, N., G. Dialynas, C. Petraki, A. Pyrpasopoulou, P.B. Singh, S.D. Georgatos and P.A. Theodoropoulos (2001). Binding of heterochromatin protein 1 to the nuclear envelope is regulated by a soluble form of tubulin. J. Biol. Chem., 276: 13007-13014.

Polioudaki, H., N. Kourmouli, V. Drossou, A. Bakou, P.A. Theodoropoulos, P.B. Singh, T. Giannakouros and S.D. Georgatos (2001). Histones H3/H4 form a tight complex with the inner nuclear membrane protein LBR and heterochromatin protein 1. EMBO Rep., 2: 920-925.

Polioudaki, H., Y. Markaki, N. Kourmouli, G. Dialynas, P.A. Theodoropoulos, P.B. Singh, and S.D. Georgatos (2004). Mitotic phosphorylation of histone H3 at threonine 3. FEBS Lett., 560: 39-44.

Polioudaki H., M-C Kastrinaki, H. Papadaki and P.A. Theodoropoulos (2009). Microtubule interacting drugs induce a moderate and reversible damage on human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells. Cell prolif., 42: 434-447.

Akoumianaki T., D. Kardassis, H. Polioudaki, S.D. Georgatos and P.A. Theodoropoulos (2009). Nucleo-cytoplasmic shuttling of soluble tubulin in mammalian cells. J. Cell Sci., 122:1111-18.

Theodoropoulos P.A., H. Polioudaki, S. Agelaki, G. Kallergi, Z. Saridaki, D. Mavroudis and V. Georgoulias (2010). Circulating tumor cells with a putative stem-like cell phenotype in peripheral blood of patients with breast cancer. Cancer Lett., 288(1): 99-106.


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